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vladott   registered to First Recon Squad
ToxicSinsif anybody has any suggestions, feel free to tell me.
VTG Frost   How about talking to your clan members? You only play single-player games, which is the reason I left. ;)
ToxicSinsIf anyone wants the clan to be more active; they will have to be active themselves, I cannot do everything.
ToxicSinsPlease make sure you vote for FRS on TOP100Clans every day that you get on. The voting limit is once per day per IP.
VTG FrostIf you want to play MW3, msg me @ ThePhoenix2563 on Xbox.
VTG FrostMe. I play MW3, but haven't played in a while since Black ops 2.
lilbud94Who is in this clan that plays mw3
ToxicSins   I have it
ToxicSinsSo I'm thinking of changing my GT, what should I change it to?
ToxicSinsFar Cry 3 is a must buy for people who enjoy Open World First Person Shooters.
mathome88playing cod black ops 2
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